Thursday Brief

May 9, 2019


I just want to say thank you sooooo much for all you do! I really do appreciate each of you, the hard work you do, and the love you show our students.

Handbook Revisions

Here is the handbook. I have made some made some changes, but feel free to look through and let me know if you see any corrections that need to be made with content or grammar.

lemonade day

If you have kids doing a stand this weekend. Please send me their name, name of their stand, and location and I will visit and tweet it out this weekend!!!


It's tomorrow!!!!! Due to potential weather, I have to adjust start time for the Junior High Band to get here on a bus instead of walking. Start time 9:30!

If you sent names for kids to do the dance challenge make sure they know the following dances. I googled these and I think these are the ones they probably know.

  • Floss (haha)
  • Best Mates
  • Dance Moves
  • Fresh
  • Disco Fever
  • Infinite Dab


If you can take home and recycle, please do. If not, you can give to Mrs. Browning and she will recycle them for you.

summer school & Retention-Reminder if you haven't done this yet.

Email Nikol names ASAP for Summer School or Retention and indicate "possible, probable, definite" for each name. Also, indicate for what area (Failed for Year (Subject), Reading Level (Reading Level). See Example Below.

Smith, John-definite-Will failed Reading for the Year and Reading Level L

student growth component

I know many of you did not have that data, but I do need it ASAP. Please turn in if you haven't by tomorrow or email me date it will be turned in.

From Mrs. Hoover

Please read all your emails from Mrs. Hoover very carefully. They are regarding STAAR Testing.

From Mrs. Cristan

Please read emails carefully from Mrs. Cristan.

From Mrs. Villarreal

*Teachers, please complete the Teacher Perception Inventory for those students you referred to GT. I sent out the 3rd grade teacher forms, but 4th grade will be out after lunch today.

*ELA teachers, I will need help grading the GT student writing samples. I will place a few compositions in your boxes on Friday. Please grade them using the STAAR rubric 1-4 guidelines. I will email you the prompt. The 3rd graders did a Narrative Writing and 4th grade did an Expository Writing sample. Thanks for helping with this.

*Please turn in the Anchored 4 Life Crew member badges. Place them in my box in the front lounge.


10 STAAR Pep Rally

11 Lemonade Day

12 Mother’s Day

13 STAAR MATH (3rd & 4th)

14 STAAR READING (3rd & 4th)

16 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Cooper, Ames, Jackson, McAliley)

16 Jazzy Bees Finale @ 6:00 in Cafeteria

17 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Fordyce, Lopez, Tweddle, Almaraz)

18 Armed Forces Day & Beach to Bay

20 4th Grade Seashore Field Trip (Alvarado, Flores, Ainsworth, Rowe

May Birthdays!

May 1 Mrs. Ortiz

May 1 Amy Brock

May 5 Angela Paxton (Military Counselor)

May 11 Erin Steward

May 23 Jessica Garcia

May 27 Brigette Fordyce

May 28 Roxann Steinbruck

May 30 Donna Kesselring


Instead of Counting Down Days...

A very short article that rings true when I think of some of our kiddos. Once, after Christmas Break, I actually had a student straight out tell me home is horrible so NO he didn't enjoy his break how could I ask that.

Nutrition Environment and Services

Explore Fruits and Vegetables with a Garden Detective

If you’re trying to persuade your students to give broccoli, eggplant or kiwi a try, the U.S. Department of Agriculture may be able to help. The agency has 11 “Great Garden Detective Adventure” lessons for third and fourth graders. The lessons encourage students to sample new fruits and vegetables. Download PDFs of the lessons today.

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