Mahvalous Mahch!

March 4, 2014

Hello 1st Impressions!

If you're like me you're THRILLED that February is gone and we're starting fresh with one of our biggest selling months of the year. January and February were doubt about it. The weather kicked our butts and our businesses but its time to shake off the winter blahs, pull up our bootstraps and spring into action my friends!

We're here to help YOU!


PS Boston-Area Stylists: Kristen Weiss is opening her home to our team for our fun March get together TONIGHT! Professional Headshots will be available to take so please rsvp to her if you can make it: Starts at 6:30pm. Thank you Kristen!


Tips From The Top Beginning of The Month Success w/ VP of Field Development, Anita Krpata
(800) 747-5150
Access: 6977091

Today: Booking Blitz with Madeline Simpson!

Who loves the Summer Incentive?! I do and I'm going for the top level. Who's with me? As we all know, the entire business comes down to booking so how about less thinking and more doing?

Booking Blitz w/Stylist Communications Associate, Madeline Simpson

(800) 747-5150
Access: 6977091

Blitzing together is so much more fun. Join in with Madeline today and make these flamingos dance with all your bookings!


Are you interested in promoting to Star by Hoopla? Join our Rising Star Program. Find all the details here:

We're launching in Ireland! Who do you know? If no one, share the news at your trunk shows and you may soon have an international founding stylist!

I'm hopping the pond myself!

In a few short weeks I'm heading off to Scotland to train and build our UK 1st Impressions. They are a stupendous group of women who are taking the area by storm!

Please send your potential stylists and I'll help you sponsor them!

xo's, Carrie McGraw

I'm hitting the road for a fundraising trunk show tonight. Love that we can give back while bringing in the dough at the same time. Have a great week!