1st Marple Guides

Feb 2016

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Moving with the times and thinking about the environment we have moved to a cyber newsletter!!

Hopefully there's lots in store below for both Guides and Parents!

As ever...if you have anything you want to put in here please email 1stmarpleguides@gmail.com

What's Coming up?

16th Feb- HALF TERM!

23rd Feb- International Mother Language day

15th March – The Great 1st Marple Cooking Challenge!

22nd March- GANG SHOW!

29th March- Easter Festivities. (we promise it will be eggs-tra special)

Some good Dates for the Diary!

5th & 12th April- EASTER HOLIDAYS


Its the online System that has baffled some of us, but we have been promised that once we get our head round it then it's plain sailing and the easy way to pay for things for Guides.

So here are some hints and tips to help us all!

  • If you follow the links sent when you sign up you will have access to our page where you can view our program, sign up for events and see what payments you have signed up for
  • if your payment fails-this is because a spend limit has been set at some point when it was set up, so if you contact 1stmarpleguides@gmail.com, cancel your direct debit and then re-set up your payment details. This shouldn't happen from this point forward!
  • The systems suggests you set up an account but If you have more than one child on the system it is essential to do this so you can toggle between each child. If you don't the system gets "stuck" on the last child you did anything for until a new link is sent for a different child.

Getting to know you!!

Every month we will have a small section where we will get to know our leaders and our guides!

This month in the spotlight is ….JESS!

What is your full name: Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez

What is your favourite flavour of ice cream: White chocolate…no wait mint choc chip! Can I have both?

What is your favourite Guide Moment: Being asked to Produce Marple Gang Show

Tell us something about yourself that we might not know: I trained as physiotherapist, but now have a job I love at the BBC with The One Show

1st Marple Guides ( Tuesday Nights 7:45pm-9:15pm)

If you need to get in contact with the unit there are lots of ways below!