Mark Zuckerberg

Cofounder, Chairman and CEO of Facebook

5 Facts about Mark Zuckerberg

  • Went to Harvard for 2 years, dropped out to move Facebook to Silicon Valley
  • Got in trouble at Harvard for making applications Facemash, an app that you could rate student's hottness on and Coursematch, which told who was in each class.
  • Facebook inspired by ivy league's 'facebook', a book handed out to students which listed each incoming freshman's interests.
  • 16th richest man in the world, youngest billionaire. Worth $33.3 billion.
  • Started programming before highschool. Made ZuckNet and Synapse. ZuckNet was similar to AOL IM and Synapse was similar to Pandora.
  • Made Facebook blue because he's red and green colorblind.

Facebook's Turning Points

Facebook started as a way for Harvard students to connect and share what they're

interested in. Soon after it was made, it spread to colleges around the country. By 2005 it had spread to highschools. In 2006 it was opened to the general public and had 12 million users. By 2012 it had 1 billion users. In 2010 a movie called 'The Social Network' was made about Mark Zuckerberg stealing the idea of Facebook from the Winklevosse twins. In 2010 the like button was invented, leading other websites to start using it as well.

Mark Zuckerberg's Characteristics

Mark Zuckerberg is slightly awkward, due to his Ausbergers. He has been described by his coworkers as a hard to work with because he pushes people, expects debate and is non sentimental. He is portrayed in The Social Media as having no social skills and being ruthless. He is diligent and he dreams big.

Why Mark Zuckerg's Successful

Mark Zuckerberg is successful because he's willing to take a risk. He dropped out

of college to follow his dream, and became more successful because of it. He also

followed his passion of programming, and because he stuck with his passion he

became successful.