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I have always wondered why the US doesn’t feel anything when there is a tsunami somewhere else. During my research I found out that when it is in China or Russia we can’t feel it because we are too far away from it. If it was in the United States like California we still couldn’t feel it because we are far away from that state.

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I wonder has there ever been a high categorized tsunami and where was it. When I was researching I found out that the tsunami was in Japan and it 8.3 and that is very high for a strom. At first I thought it would be one of those poor country but I was wrong about it. When I discovered that it was Japan I was very surprised what I found. Also I thought that the storm might be higher than 8.3 mph.

I have done some research in my head and I found out that Iowa can not get a tsunami because we are not close to the water or ocean as I should say.When I thought about why Iowa can’t get a tsunami I already knew but you probably didn’t know that Iowa couldn't get a tsunami so I put that questions about that.

I wonder why the U.S. is lucky because we never get a really bad tsunami but we aren’t lucky because we have the same chance as any other place in the world.

I wonder these question a lot and here it is with the answer. Is the USA lucky because we aren’t in the middle of the ocean.We actually have the same chance but we have a slimmer chance.

I asked Mrs. Flynn this question if we were at school and there was a tsunami what would we do? She answered we would evacuate as fast as we could if there was a tsunami because we are not tall so we would of drowned.

I wonder this a lot to myself why can’t we feel when china or other places get hit and we can’t feel it \. Well when I did my research i found out that we are too far away but that question is still one

where is the highest ground in the USA.

Answer: New Hampshire

do ships get pulled in from far away and get onto land when they are in the pacific to california.

Answer: Yes they can get pulled in because the wave is so powerful.

If we were in the middle west why can’t we get a tsunami.

Answer: Because we are far away from water like an ocean.

how many do we get a year in USA.

Answer: A lot with all the states.

where did the largest tsunami happened

Answer: Alaska AND JAPAN

12. what is a fault line

Answer: A divide the earth that is when the tectonic plates move and break apart.

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