The articles of confederation

By:valery hernandez

What were the articles of confederation?

The A Of C was Americas first plan for a national government.They were designed to be weak because America did not want anymore problems like they had with king george.


The strengths were governed the nation during the revolutionary war,next ,negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war,then ,passed the land ordinance of 1785,finally ,pass the northwest ordinance (1787)


The weakness were, lacked power to enforce laws ,next, lacked power to enforce laws,then,lacked power to regulate trade amond the states,finally,required all 13states to approve changes in the Articles.

Northwest ordinance

Northwest ordinance was a law that set up a procedure for building new states,it's importance was provided a process for creating admiting new states ,and it's positive effects were organized way to make states,and it's negative effects were 60,000 to make a state

Shay's rebellion

It's positive effects were,they got a rid of the articles,and it's negative effects were farmers were thrown in jail.