Adding A Recreation Center

Bettering Our Community And Saving Lives

We Need A Recreatin center!!!

Would it not be great to have a safe, fun, and active place for kids and families to go? Well, with a recreation center, we can make that happen. It would improve our population and keep kids happy, healthy, and active. I highly ask that you keep this in your mind, to put a recreation center in our community.

A Happy And Healthier Community?


If we add a recreation center in our commynity, people would go the to center and exercise or even swim. People in our commynity will become more fit. It will also give opeople something to do other thank sitting at their house and eating because they have nothing else to do. Some people might ask " Well I

Less Gangs!

By having a recreation center in our town, we could also greatly reduce gang activity. Many kids are getting into trouble due to being involved in gangs. Kids nationwide need a safe place to go and to get away from all the trouble in their lives so they don’t turn to gangs. At a recreation center, kids can play, swim, and have fun instead of being out on the streets running from the police. It’s also a place to go if they get bored or lonely. Plus, parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children. These are only a couple of points that show why our town should have a recreation center but there are many more.

Families Are In Need!

Now days, kids must deal with problems the children in the past couldn’t even dream of dealing with. What is the outlet of today’s kids? Not just gangs but drugs. There are many drugs that kids use now days and new ones are being made. Many times, death is the out come of using these drugs. We need and answer, a savior purse. The answer we have found is a recreation center. Statistics have shown that children with a place to go and hang out are less likely to become entangled in drug and gang like activity. The recreation center could be the positive influence a community needs. The community could also use this place to help bring families together. Close families mean better grades that mean better citizens and that means a better country. Some families will refuse to come closer together in our high-tech world but we need to have this recourse available to those who will use it. These are just a couple of reasons but these above mean a positive influence and a possible turn around for many children, families and lives.