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Disclaimer - This is my personalised list of texts. My purpose for developing this list was to deepen my understanding of rich text and support my teaching of English, History, Geography, Science and Maths. This list isn't a definitive list and may not be accurate.

Also it doesn't reflect the opinions or judgements of my employer.

I would love you to add to this list, so please email/inbox me your suggestions.

Referenced - "Suggested Texts for the English K–10 Syllabus", Christine Fraser's "Books and More Books for Key English Concepts", Lizzie Chase's book lists, Guide to Using Picture Books in Geography K–10, Guide to Using Picture Books in History K–10, online blogs and professional fb group posts. - Shellie Tancred

Built Enviroments

Home - Narelle Oliver

Window - Jeannie Baker

Amy & Louis - Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

Whatcha Building? - Andrew Daddo

Our House - Bob Graham

Pearl’s Place - Bob Graham

How to Heal a Broken Wing - Bob Graham

A House of Her Own - Jenny Hughes

The Curious Garden - Peter Brown

Gary - Leila Rudge

Silver Buttons - Bob Graham

Peggy - Anna Walker

Kip - Christina Booth

My Place - Nadia Wheatley

Lester and Clyde - James Herbert Reece

Sharon Keep Your Hair On! - Gillian Rubinstein

Iggy Peck Architect - Andrea Beaty

Roberto the Insect Architect - Andrea Beaty

Building our House - Jonathan Bean


The Cow Tripped Over the Moon - Tony Wilson

Who Sank the Boat? - Pamela Allen

Mr Archimedes Bath

The Most Magnificent Thing – Ashley Spires

Rosie Revere, Engineer – Andrea Beaty

Clancy & Millie and the very fine house - Libby Gleeson

Peg & Cat – The Race Car Problem – Jennifer Oxley

Iggy Peck, Architect – Andrea Beaty

Awesome Dawson – Chris Gall

Fraidyzoo – Thyra Heder

When We Were Alone in the World - Ulf Nilsson,

Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon – Patty Lovell

Monkey With a Tool Belt – Chris Monroe

Swap! - Steve Light

Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing Hardcover – April Jones Prince

The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

The Most Magnificent Thing

Build A Bridge for Twenty-One Elephants

Three Bully Goats Gruff - Norwegian Fairy Tale

Ada Twist Scientist - Andrea Beaty

Engibear's Dream

Engibear's Bridge

What Do You Do With an Idea?

On a Beam of Light - Jennifer Berne

Mr Ferris and His Wheel - Gibbs Davis

The Tower to the Sun

Sustainability - Environment

Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat - Stephen Michael King

The Great Bear by Libby Gleeson

Phasmid - Rohan Cleave

One Small Island - Alison Lester, Coral Tulloch

The Rescue Ark - Susan Hall

Desert lake : the story of Kati Thanda- Lake Eyre -Pamela Freeman

Mister Cassowary - Samantha Wheeler

Darcy Moon and the Deep Fried Frogs - Catherine Carvell

The Story of Rosy Dock - Jeannie Baker

Belonging - Jeannie Baker

Yakkin The Swamp Tortoise – Survival - Guundie Kuchling

I Saw Nothing: The Extinction of the Thylacine - Gary Crew and Mark Wilson

I Said Nothing: The Extinction Of The Paradise Parrot - Gary Crew and Mark Wilson

Migaloo the White Whale - Mark Wilson

Little Dolphin - Mark Wilson

Deepsea Whale Rescue - Ramage, Jan and Mark Wilson

Journey of the Sea Turtle - Mark Wilson

Stranded - Mark Wilson

Count Them While You Can - Anne Bowman

Uno's Garden - Graham Base

Fern Gully

Kayak -

The Tomorrow Book - Jackie French

Blue Back - Tim Winton

Refugees - David Miller

The Great Kapok Tree

The Lorax - Dr Seuss

Lester and Clyde

Where The Forest Meets The Sea, Circle and Window - Jeannie baker

Last Tree in The City - Peter Carnavas

The Tomorrow Book - Jackie French

Milo and the Magical Stone

One Small Island

On A Small Island - Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Dream of the Thylacine' - Margaret Wild

The Giving Tree

Me, You: Our Place - Leonie Norrington

A Forest - Marc Martin

The Tin Forest -

The Dumpster Diver

Moth and Wasp, Soil and Ocean

The Ocean Story

The Earth Book

Joseph's Yard

The Tower to the Sun

Compost Stew

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

Someday A Tree - Eve Bunting

The Vegetable Ark

World Without Fish

Super Manny Cleans Up

Here We Are - Oliver Jeffers

The Really Old Forest - Rainforest Preservation Australia

Energy Island - Allan Drumond

Thank You Earth

One Plastic Bag

We Planted A Tree

The Apple Tree - Zoe Hall

Why Should I Recycle

Lotus and Feather

One World - Michael Foreman

Snow Boy and The Last Tree Standing

Tortuga Squad - Kids Saving Sea Turtlles

Frog and Beaver - Simon James

Far Away Fox

I Went Walking - Sue Williams

The Wombles - Elizabeth Beresford

Refugees - David Miller

Lester & Clyde Running Scared - James Reece

Where the forest meets the sea Jeannie Baker

Come On, Rain! - Karen Hesse

Two Summers - John Hefferman

Why Should I Recycle? Jen Green & Mike Gordon

The Great Kapok Tree - Lynne Cherry

Free Trees - Pat Taylor

The Windy Farm - Doug MacLeod

Something Old Something Recycling - Anita Ganeri

Junk Castle - Robin Klein

Window - Jeannie Baker

The Lost Stars - Hannah Cumming

Under the Weather - Tony Bradman

Toby Alone - Timothee de Fombelle

Dear Greenpeace - Simon James

The World that We Want - Kim Michelle Toft

The Super Parp Buster Greg Holfeld

Recipe for a Perfect Planet - Kim Michelle Toft

Extreme Adventures: Killer Whale - Justin D’Ath

Frog Odyssey - Juliet &Charles Snape

Sebastian Lives in a Hat - Thelma Catterwell

Lester & Clyde Running Scared - James Reece

One World - Michael Foreman

Tiddalick – The Frog Who Caused a flood Robert Roennfeldt

The Wind Blew - Pat Hutchins

Big Rain Coming - Katrina Germein

Drought - Tricia Oktober

Flood - Jackie French

Fire - Jackie French

The Rabbits - John Marsden & Shaun Tan

Going Bush - Nadia Wheatley

The Big Picture Book of Environments - John Long

Rain Dance - Dee Huxley

Oil Spill - Tricia Oktober

I Did Nothing - Gary Crew & Mark Wilson

Exodus - Julie Bertagna

Magpie Island - Colin Thiele

North: The Greatest Animal Journey on Earth - Nick Dowson

Planet in Peril! - Anita Ganeri

Can We Save the Tiger? - Martin Jenkins

Ape - Martin Jenkins

Varmints: Part One - Helen Ward

The Hidden Forest - J. Baker

You Can Save the Planet - Rich Hough

Tower To the Sun - Colin Thompson

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Jack Johnson

Physical World

George’s Marvellous Medicine - Roald Dahl

The 13th Storey Treehouse - Andy Griffiths

BFG - Roald Dahl

1st Harry Potter

The 14th Goldfish - Jennifer L. Holm

Leaf Jumpers Cover of Leaf Jumpers - Carole Gerber

All Through the Year - Jane Godwin

It’s Much Too Hot - Bob Graham

The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats

All Around the Seasons - Barney Saltzberg

Flotsam - David Wiesner

Fluffy, Flat, and Wet - Dana Meachen Rau

Making a Friend - Alison McGhee

All The Water in the World - George Ella Lyon

The Enormous Turnip - Robert James

On a Beam of Light - Jennifer Berne

Daisy's Wild Ride - Bob Graham

Oscar and The Moth - Geoff Waring

The Game of Light - Hervé Tullet

Shadow - Robie H. Harris

Roadworks - Sally Sutton

The King’s Bubbles - Ruth Paul

Eddie’s Kitchen - Sarah Garland

Mrs Wishy-Washy - Joy Cowley

The Importance of Green - Leonie Agnew

Surprising Silhouettes - Connie Tamaddon

Nothing Like a Puffin - Sue Soltis

Duck! Rabbit! - Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Scientific Method - Observation

Why? - Lindsay Camp

Argus - Michelle Knudsen

Which is Round? Which is Bigger? - Mineko Mamada

Duck! Rabbit! Amy - Krouse Rosenthal

Nothing like a Puffin - Sue Soltis

Surprising Silhouettes - Connie Tamaddon

Living World

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Uno's Garden

A House for Hermit Crab

Diana Hutts Aston books

The Tiny Seed - Eric Carle

'Yum Yum..Where Where Does It Come From?

Night Noises - Mem Fox

The Potato People


Davy & The Duckling

Love is Like a Tree

A Patch from Scratch

A Year on Our Farm - Penny Matthews

The Mountain that Loved a Bird - Alice McLerran

Circle - Jeanie Baker

Tiny Seed - Eric Carle

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

My Farm - Alison Lester

One Small Island - Coral Tulloch

Phasmid: Saving the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect - Rohan Cleave

All Through the Year - Jane Godwin

Book of Bees - Piotr Socha

Australian Animals - Roger Priddy

Leaf Litter - Rachel Tonkin

Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between - Bryan Mellonie

Banjo and Ruby Red - Freya Blackwood

A Chick Called Saturday - Joyce Dunbar

That's Not a Daffodil! - Elizabeth Honey

Egg Is Quiet - Dianna Aston

Butterfly Is Patient - Dianna Hutts Aston

Seed is Sleepy - Sylvia Long

A Beetle Is Shy - Dianna Hutts Aston

Butterfly Is Patient - Dianna Hutts Aston

When You Were Born - Dianna Hutts Aston

Digital Citizenship

The Fabulous Friend Machine - Nick Bland

The Tweeting Galah - Kim Maslin

The Internet is Like a Puddle - Shona Innes & Irisz Agocs

When Charlie McButton Lost Power - Suzanne Collins

Once Upon a Time Online - David Bedford

Chicken Clicking - Jeanne Willis

But It’s Just a Game - Julia Cook

The Technology Tail - Julia Cook

Stick and Stone - Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld

TEK: The Modern Cave Boy - Patrick McDonnel

Nerdy Birdy Tweets - Aaron Reynolds

Goodnight Selfie! - Scott Menchin

Troll Stinks...An Internet Bully Story - Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

You're All Animals - Nicholas Allan

It's A Book - Lane Smith

Doug Unplugged - Dan Yaccarino

When Charlie McButton Lost Power - Suzanne Collins

Hello Ruby...Adventures in Coding - Linda Liukas

Hello! Hello! - Matthew Cordell

The Wretched Stone - Chris Van Allsburg

Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games - Nick Bruel

Chicken Clicking - Jeanne Willis

Blackout - John Rocco