GMOs - The Startling Truth

Why GMOs Pose a Threat to the World

GMOs - or Genetically Modified Organisms - are widely grown. Their presence is often hidden with missing labels. Why are they kept secret? Because of the terrible effects they can wreak.

GMOs are advertised as the food of the future, but nobody stops to think of what that will really be like. GMOs are bred to have resistances to herbicides, and so they become weeds, unkillable weeds, that kill natural, native plants nearby. Their increased use takes up more farming land, more forests and plains.

But those genetics not only make the plant stronger, but may damage those who eat it. Plants can have the genes of other plants bred into them, such as a walnut gene into a soybean plant. Anyone who eats that plant that suffers from a nut allergy will be affected by the walnut gene.
The use of GMOs also hurts small farmers. As GMOs become more prominent, small farmers, most of whom farm normal produce, lose customers and money. Also, many farmers have already been sued for the growing of unauthorized GMOs - when they argue that the pollen blew in from nearby farms and into theirs.