Rome City Elementary School

January 2019 Roman News

From the Principal's Desk...

Dear Parents and Families,

I hope everyone had a well rested break! As the new year begins, for many it is also a time to revisit with your child the motivation to do homework and to continue to do his or her best. This time of year can tend to be stressful for students, with high stakes testing around the corner, the cold weather and even being cooped up inside more than normal. Please continue to encourage your child to do his or her best as we will continue to help them grow.

I would like to remind parents the importance of attendance. The state requires students to attend school. We are encouraging and discussing good attendance each day at Rome City. Please make sure your child/children are present each day. Classrooms are participating in classroom attendance challenges. With winter being here, eLearning is also a part of an attendance requirement. Is your child/children turning in their eLearning? All staff are working on eLearning days. Please email them if you need help or support, they will return your email in a timely fashion.

As I plan my New Years goal, I think of our children. What goal/s do your children/child have? How are you helping them reach their goal. Goals are important in life and we need to model setting realistic goals with our children. Even if the goal is simple as keeping your room clean or helping with dishes. Celebrating reaching the goal and keeping it, is critical for teaching success and motivation.

Cheers to the New Year and best wishes on meeting your goals this year!

Heather Green

Recess Policy

Decisions to have outside recess during the cold weather season will depend on the temperature and the wind chill. Shorter recess times are scheduled on very cold days. Students should have appropriate clothing during the colder months. Inside recess in the gym or classroom, if available, will be offered when students cannot go outside for weather reasons. Students will not have an outside recess when the wind chill is less than 0 degrees. Students will be allowed to stay in from recess, due to illness, for two consecutive days without a physician note. Extended days, beyond the two, will need a physician script.

Parent Action Committee

In December, the Parent Action Committee had a very successful Holiday Shop here at school. All classes had time to look and then to actually shop for presents for their families. Items were inexpensive so everyone could enjoy and take part in this fun time of year.

Our next HUGE event will be the school Carnival. We would love your help in planning and participating. If you are interesting in helping with the carnival or want to help coordinate the carnival please call me or email me at:

Our next Parent Action Committee meeting is at 8:30 on Thursday, January 10th. Please join us if you can.

Winter is Here!

Please note the alternate start and end times for any delays that we encounter due to inclement weather.

2 Hour Delay

(Times include Mondays as well)

-Doors Open: 9:45

-School Starts: 10:00

-School Ends: 2:45

3 Hour Delay

-Doors Open: 10:45

-School Starts: 11:00

-School Ends: 3:45

Preschool Hours:

Monday 8:45-11:15

Tuesday—Friday 8:30-11:00

2 Hour Delay—10:00-12:30

3 Hour Delay—Canceled

Update Contact Information

With winter weather here, it is extremely important to have the most up-to-date contact information on file with our school office. Phone calls of delays and cancellations will be made to the primary phone number on file, and when children are ill, our office uses this primary phone number as well. If your phone number has changed or you are not receiving these messages, please check with our office to update your number.

January Dates to Remember...

January 3rd - Return from break

January 10th - PAC Meeting at 8:30

January 11th - Progress Reports sent home

January 21st - planned eLearning Day

January 24th - Mommy/Cowboy Date Night at 5:30-7:00pm

Ballet Practice on Mondays from 3:00-3:45

Just a reminder the students must have their clothes and shoes, or they do not participate in class.


January 7

January 14

January 21 - eLearning Day - no practice

January 28