General Sherman

and his March to the Sea

What was it?

On November 15th General William T. Sherman led a troop of 62,000 men from Georgia to Savannah, "smashing things" (he wrote) "to the sea." Sherman abandoned his supply line and marched across Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean to prove to the Confederate population that its government could not protect the people from invaders.

One witness reported "immense and raging fires lighting up whole heavens... huge waves of fire roll up into the sky; presently the skeleton of great warehouses stand out in relief against sheets of roaring, blazing, furious flames."

Why it was Important During the War

Sherman's March was significant in that he obtained Savannah, Atlanta, Columbia, and North Carolina. He cut the Confederacy in half and left a wide path of destruction behind him.

Sherman's March also frightened civilians of the south. The people thought that the Confederacy could protect their home front, but they soon realized that that wasn't completely true.

Sherman believed that this would shorten the war by breaking the Confederate's will to fight, and he eventually received permission to carry this type of warfare into South Carolina in early 1865. By marching through Georgia and South Carolina he became an archvillain in the South and a hero in the North.

Why is this Important Today

Sherman's march is importance today because it shows that you need courage. Without courage and bravery Sherman would never of won that war. Another reason that it is important today is that the way that Sherman marched his men, redefined warfare as we know it.

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