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Sponge - one type of animal that filters the water it lives in to get food.

Example - Venus-Flower Basket,


- reproduce asexually

- gets food from environment around it.

- between inner and outer layer there is a jelly-like layer

- grow at almost any depth

- grow on hard surfaces

- filters water to get its food

- 5000 known species

-no real digestive system

Adaptation - body is a network of tiny pores and canals that allow water to filter through to obtain food because they don’t move.

Part two

Segmented Worms

Segmented Worms - made up of different segments

Example: earthworms


- segments

- five tubes act as a heart

- has a brain

- eats soil

Adaptation - is able to eat through the ground

What is the major difference between an earthworm and other worms?

Body is made up of segments



Flatworm - flatworms have a flat body

Example: Planarians


- it has a flattened body

- live in water

- very small

- reproduce with sex organs

- eyes on top of head

Adaptation - regenerates body parts

What characteristics do all flatworms share?

Flat bodies

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Roundworm - round and tubelike

Example: hookworm


-tube like body

- really small

- reproduces with sex organs

Adaptation - has a nervous systemn

How do roundworms and flatworms differ?

Round worms Have a digestive system

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