SMS Bulletin 2.22.16

Show Respect-Make a Difference-Set the Bar High

Mission and Vision

Schmucker Middle School strives to cultivate a thriving learning environment that promotes academic excellence, socially responsible and productive citizenship, and lifelong learning. At Schmucker, we are a community of learners committed to showing respect, making a difference and setting the bar high.

To do list

1. Attend ISTEP staff meeting on Tuesday morning. See below for who needs to attend.

2. ISTEP practice tests need to be completed this week.


*We were informed recently that 7th grade will have to take one additional language arts test online during the 2nd week of the ISTEP window. Details will be shared on Tuesday morning.

Students will take ISTEP in their Math and Language arts classes this year. We will not be testing every student at the same time. Below is the ISTEP schedule we will use during Applied ISTEP. Math, Language Arts, 6th Science, 7th Social Studies and Ex. Ed. teachers need to attend an ISTEP staff meeting on 2/23 at 8:25.

2016 Applied ISTEP Schedule.

Advisory Period

Teachers can work with students with respect to flexibility on using Chromebooks during read days. If students have a book they have checked out online or are reading online, students can use them with teacher permission.

Please check the advisory calendar for next week. We will be modifying the calendar slightly as we will be adding mindfulness activities. Stay tuned.

Week 26

2/22: Flex Day

2/23: Read Day

2/24: Flex Day

2/25: Read Day

2/26: Mindfulness intro and Activities (10 min), ISTEP Introduction and Cell Phone Reminder

Please access the link Advisory Resources for information regarding our 2nd quarter Advisory curriculum. This folder is shared with all teachers.

Lesson Planning

During our last staff meeting, I challenged PLCs to begin to plan actual lessons together. Sharing of ideas and resources is important, but lesson development and implementation is the true test as to whether or not strategies and resources used result in student learning. The documents below can be used to start this conversation. I would encourage all teachers to think about how they can use the SMS lesson planning document everyday with planning. It can help a teacher reflect on how often students are being ask to read, write, speak and listen during a lesson. Students should be doing these things everyday in every class.

Lesson Development Guidance

SMS Lesson Planning Document

Big image

A reminder of teacher best practice

1. Maintain a positive outlook and grow continually

2. Use Positive Behavior Support

3. Collaborate and use data (Active PLC member)

4. Differentiate instruction and use RTI

5. Try new things and be creative

6. Have fun and smile

7. Teach and model digital responsibility

8. Share resources and be flexible

9. Be proactive, not reactive

Professional Reading

What Connected Educators Do Differently.

Staff Bio

Nancy Ladson (who is still getting used to her new last name!) has been a teacher in PHM for 21 years. She spent 16 years at Prairie Vista Elementary, mostly in 5th grade, before she came to SMS 5 years ago. She loves teaching middle school students and cherishes the great friends she has made at Schmucker.

Nancy has lived in Mishawaka most of her life. She graduated from Mishawaka High School, and then went on to graduate from Ball State University. She later earned her Master's Degree from IU. Nancy may have kissed A LOT of frogs, but she finally found her prince this year. Funny, Terry was under her nose the entire time....they have known each other since the 6th grade! They enjoy spending time with their daughters, Cameron (14) and Payton (10). Nancy loves to cook, read, and travel. She can twirl the baton, play the piano, and Snoop Dogg and Biggie can often be heard on her Pandora in the morning. One of her favorite things to do in the summer is spend time Up North with her sister and extended family. Although she can't imagine being anything but a teacher, Nancy dreams of winning the lottery so she could try her hand at being a “lady who lunches”.

Staff Bio

Sara Osler is a PHM alma mater. She attended Bittersweet, Schmucker and then graduated from Penn High School in 1999. She is in her fifth year at Schmucker Middle School and has been teaching exceptional education for thirteen years. Sara married her high school/ college sweetheart, Dan. They have been married for thirteen years and have an eleven year old daughter, Payton (Huge Colts/ Peyton Manning fans, hence her name). Payton will be attending Schmucker next school year. She loves spending every moment she can with her husband and daughter. They go to Disney World every summer. She also loves to bake (cannot cook), shop, read and take Zumba classes.

Cheers for Peers

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Cheers for Peers

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