Bugs: in the Field

How many creepy crawlers are under your feet?

We had a question.

We wondered, how many insects that are smaller than 1 cm are on a football field? Using ratios, we were able to find our answer. Here's what we got:

We needed info.

So our team went out side and estimated how many bugs, smaller than a cm but still seen with the naked eye, there was in a square ft of grass. We counted about 17 bugs.

Using that info...

If there are 17 bugs in a square foot, than we can say 17:1ft

It there are 3 ft in a yard, then 3ft:1yd

So let's set up a math problem. 17:1ft = x:3ft

1x = 17 times 3


x = 51 bugs per yard

There are 100 yards in a football field. So, we just multiply 51 and 100, which gives us 5100.

5100 bugs in an american football field