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CAASPP Tools :)

Below are some helpful tools to get our brains geared toward CAASPP. If you need a template on how to create your own performance task, there is an easy one to implement with sentence starters! If you would like to evaluate a practice test, then determine how you can implement the verbage into your classroom, there is a template for that as well. The offer is always on the table if you would like to team up to tweak, re-word, or re-vamp your current tests!!

How Making Music Made Math Cool (LOCAL TEACHER!)

Such an inspiring video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Soul Pancake! This short video shows a math teacher tapping into his student's interests to make math come alive. AND he just happens to be a teacher in Berkeley! Possible networking opportunity!!
How Making Music Made Math Cool in this Classroom | Class Act

Text sets using NEWSELA

Text sets are a great way for students to examine a common theme or topic multiple ways and across various texts. In addition, adding in a video clip, song, or picture book can enhance the text set to reach multiple learning styles! Sometimes we don't always know how to get started, but NewsEla offers a great place to start! BONUS: you can change the lexile level of these articles to reach all reading levels! Can we say INCLUSION!!!??