level 10 study guide

What types of bonds are there?

There are 3 main types of bonds; Binary, Ternary, and covalent a.k.a molecular

Binary- is between 2 elements one metal(yellow) and non-metal(blue)

Example- sodium chloride. You change the second elements to -ide

Ternary- is between any element metal or non-metal and one poly-atomic

Example- Sodium Carbonate

Covalent- is between two non-metal(blue)

Example- carbon sulfur

Ionic Compounds (criss-cross)

We do not know the charges on transition metals, so we use roman numerals to tell us.

Fe(ll) this means that iron has a positive one two charge. When we pair it with a non-transition metal, we have to criss cross, Fe(ll) and phosphorus, Iron (ll) Phosphide

Acids and Bases

Hope you learned something