CNE Family Newsletter

August 2019

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Open House

All Central Noble Schools have an open house on Thursday, August 15 from 3:00-7:00 PM. Please stop in so you can drop off school supplies, meet your teacher, and ask any questions you might have about the upcoming school year.

CNE House System New for 2019

The Central Noble Elementary House System is used to foster camaraderie, collaboration, and leadership. Upon joining CNE, each student in 3rd-5th-grade is inducted into one of six Houses—Integras, Gaudium, Effractarius, Fortitudo, Compassio, or Acomodare. Students across all grade levels participate in a variety of academic and community-building activities with their Houses, including and more:

1. Intramural House Cup Games: The entire school will come together for some friendly competition among the six Houses throughout the year. Students display school spirit and House pride as they work together to achieve a common goal. With the mixed age ranges, older students are available to assist younger students.

2. Philanthropic Projects: Every year, the Houses take turns selecting philanthropic projects. The project is then introduced to the rest of the community so that everyone can participate. Students learn that, together, they can make a big impact.

3. Academic activities: Throughout the year, older students are provided opportunities to lead activities for younger learners in their House, such as 5th-graders assisting 3rd graders with Math games or mixed grades of kids working on project based learning activities.

4. CNE Academy: Each house also represents one of our 6 STEM Academy pillars, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Engineering, Outdoor Education, Community Service, and Computer Science. Each house will help teach the other career paths, skills, and academics for each house academy.

5. 7 Mindsets: Houses will also meet weekly to learn social and emotional well-being using the 7 mindsets to help our students and local community to become great citizens.

Each Friday Houses will eat lunch with the staff House Leaders, have a house meeting, and share a common recess time.

First Day of School

Students will come to the auditorium by class. The students will begin behind the auditorium in the Jr./Sr. High hallway. Individually, they will enter the backstage area and approach a table. Each student will select an item from the table specifically associated to each house. The six items connect with a specific house therefore allowing students to unknowingly self-select their house. Once the item is selected, they will go to the banner associated with their choice.

Calendar of Activities

Throughout the course of the year there will be 7 major “House Game” events. The 2019-20 events and dates are as follows:

September 20…….. Water Balloon Battleship

October 18………….. Mario Kart Championship (followed by eSports reveal)

November 22……….. Talent Show?

December ………. Philanthropic Month

January 24 ………… Rope Knot Puzzle

February 28……….. Food Drive Bowling

April 3 ……………….. Frozen Shirt Challenge

May ? ………………… Day of Champions

Point System

The point system will be in the form of coins. Each coin corresponds to one point. Some coins will have special awards associated with them and will be designated with design differences. Each Friday, the coins will be collected by house and placed onto our point totems outside of the cafe. Staff will be given a certain number of coins to be handed out each week. We will start with a baseline number (i.e. 10) and increase or decrease based on feedback.

  1. Academic Growth Points

Students can receive points for working towards their self-set goals. Each time a student moves towards the goal they receive ( # of) points if they reach their goal they receive (+# of points). Students that meet or exceed their academic goals will be put on their House Deans List/Honor Roll for every nine weeks.

  1. Behavioral Points

All staff members can award a coin when they witness a student meeting the school-wide expectations. Teachers are free to determine how/if they will utilize coins as part of their management system.

  1. House Games

The top two houses during each of the house games will receive (# of) house points.

Restorative Justice

When a student is sent to Mr. Knipper for a behavioral issue, he will be given a behavior form. The teacher, parent, and Mr. Knipper will get a copy of the form. The only time a student can lose house points is when indicated on this form. The points will be removed publicly but the actions and individual responses will remain anonymous. Parents are expected to review the forms and have their student return the form to Mr. Knipper. Parents will also be asked to discuss a lesson provided from the 7 MIndsets.

The CNE Houses!

Specials Calendar

We will be running an ABC specials schedule. In an attempt to share resources and avoid conflicts we have from eLearning, programs, etc. Specials will follow the schedule below.
Big picture

Project Based Learning Explained

We are very excited to have all of our teaching staff training in project-based learning with We were awarded generous grants from Dekko and the State Department of Education. What the video to see what your students will be talking about this upcoming year. Students will be spending much of their days working in Project-Based Learning frameworks.
Five Keys to Rigorous Project-Based Learning