Confessions of a Murder Suspect

By: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro


The Angel family is not your typical, ordinary family. For starters, Malcolm and Maud Angel fed their children experimental drugs to enhance their agility, strength, brain activity, knowledge, senses, etc. On night, Tandy Angel, Malcolm and Maud's only surviving daughter, wakes up to police sirens outside her apartment building. When the police come banging on her door, she knows something is up. She opens the door and is immediately badgered with questions from the police. The police also go snooping around her house, until they came to her parents room, in which they marked off with crime scene tape. Tandy runs up to see what they are doing and finds her parents dead in their bed. The only thing is that all the doors to the apartment were locked, so it must have been someone on the inside who killed Malcolm and Maud.


  • Malcolm Angel - co-owner of Angel Pharmaceuticals
  • Maud Angel - hedge fund manager


  • Tandoori "Tandy" Angel - a brilliant teenager who was possibly the last one to see her parents alive.
  • Harrison "Harry" Angel - Tandy's artistic twin brother who was always a disappointment to his parents.
  • Matthew "Matty" Angel - their famous, all-American football star, older brother, who hates his father.
  • Hugo Angel - the youngest sibling of the four of them, who has uncanny strength and has been pushed to work harder than the rest of his siblings.
  • Samantha Peck - Maud's personal assistant.

Detectives on the Case:

  • Detective Ryan Hayes
  • Sergeant Capricorn Caputo

She can't trust anyone. Maybe not even herself.


The police found a bottle of arsenic poison in the trash can next to Malcolm and Maud's bed. They also found drinking glasses with traces of the poison in it on each of their bedside table. The police took the bottle of poison back to the lab to test for fingerprints, but couldn't get a match. The police then went back to the Angel's apartment and arrested the entire family. They arrested Tandy and Harry for obstructing government administration for not mentioning about a dinner guest they had on the night of their parents murder. They arrested Matty for intimidation and interference of police business, and they brought in Hugo and Samantha as material witnesses. After their lawyer talked with the District Attorney, their charges were dropped due to not enough to build a case on. They were all set free, but the police were still trying as much as possible to solve the murder.


Although I did not list Peter Angel as a suspect, since he was not in the apartment at the time of the murder, I think he had something to do with the murder. Peter Angel is the uncle of the Angel kids. There has been something fishy about him ever since he was introduced in the book. He did not mourn the death of his brother, or even comfort his niece and nephews when they found out their parents were murdered. He is also very rude to the children when he has to come live with them and take care of them.


  • Mr. Crosby, the Angel's next door neighbor has been trying to make a movie about the lives of the Angel family for a few years. He went to the extreme of putting up hidden cameras all around the house. When Tandy found one of the cameras, she immediately broke into her neighbors house and found video footage of her parents death.
  • Tandy, whose full name is Tandoori, is named after an Indian clay oven, the Tandoor, because her dad was a very big foodie.
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