Crossroads Academy & DAEP

Principal Newsletter: 23 September 2019

We Support; We Love; We Encounter Challenges; We Persevere

On Friday, September 20th, the physical and emotional impact of our first five weeks as a school was visible throughout our campus. Staff and students were running low on their energy reserves. Around 2pm, I told my assistant Ms. Maribel Correa that my batteries needed a charge. How do we recharge our batteries mid-work? At Crossroads Academy that recharge is in the mission of our school. We begin our work with Love, and that love allows us to support each other, to care for each other, and to pass that feeling along each day.

In the spirit of recharging energy, Student Krystal Garza wrote the following: Crossroads Academy is the alternative high school in Uvalde. To me, Crossroads is the opportunity to walk the graduation stage for the first time. Being here at Crossroads helped me remember that it is never too late to finish your goals. The staff are not only new faces, but they are positive people, who are passionate about their work. It is great to know that they do their best to help us come everyday and learn regardless of the things they may go through in their personal lives.

Our campus, our district, and our community are filled with people who play very important roles of providing the support and love necessary for us to overcome challenges and persevere en route to each of our successes.

Teachers Marcy Boales & Barbie Hoffman greeting families at Open House
Friday Flowers & More for the week of 9/16-9/20/19

Texas Challenge Program Informational Event

Tuesday, Sep. 24th, 5-6pm

Crossroads Academy High School, Uvalde, TX

A tuition-free education program for 16-18 year old males who are currently disengaged from school.

Key Dates to Remember

September 24th- Texas Challenge Academy informational session in cafeteria @5pm

September 25th- 4th Graduate celebration (surprise event 245pm)

September 27th- Project toward no drug abuse

September 27th- Camo day "Hunt the mules"

September 27th- Friday Flowers Celebration @245pm