The Disease


It is approximately 1 to 9 micrometers in size

It is reported to be rod-shaped, looks like a jointed bamboo rod

The virus is bacteria gram positive

Its M.O.

The virus attacks with three different proteins or its accomplices that are not deadly by themselves but are when put together.

  • Protective Antigen
  • Edema Factor
  • Lethal Factor

Common symptoms are:

  • An itchy sore develops that is similar to an insect bite. This sore may blister and form a black ulcer (sore or eschar).
  • The sore is usually painless, but it is often surrounded by swelling.
  • A scab often forms, and then dries and falls off within 2 weeks. Complete healing can take longer.

Anthrax can be spread by inhaling the spores, ingesting the virus through food or just through broken skin.


The most common victim of the killer Anthrax, is farm animals.

Level of Danger

Around 100 people per year get Anthrax and very few people die from it.

The only time it is very dangerous is when it is weaponized.


In most cases, early treatment can cure anthrax. The skin form of anthrax can be treated with common antibiotics such as penicillin, tetracycline, erythromycin, and Cipro.