Picture Project

Comparison of A Family in Bhutan and a family in Texas

The Pictures Below

The top photo was taken in Texas. The bottom photo was taken in Bhutan.

I chose these two photos because these families are very different and even the family in Bhutan having more people in their family have a lot less material things, than the family in Texas. The family in Texas consists of four people a mother a father a brother and a sister. And a dog if you count that. The family in Bhutan has five people four males and one female. There are also people in the background. The family in Texas has a bed for everyone and they also have lots of of family pictures and their furniture is a little outdated but its still very nice compared to the family in Bhutan. Also the family in Texas looks a lot healthier than the family in Bhutan. The family in Bhutan doesn't have much there house seems isolated a little. Seems like they share their house with another family. The biggest similarities they have are that they are a small family but they seem like they kinda get along both in their own possible ways.