Weller Weekly

April 4th - 8th

What's up at Weller?

Monday (4-4)
  • Reading Fidelity Checks begin
  • K & 5th Grade Grad Pics
  • Dr. D at KAC for Leadership Learning
  • Coding Club @ 3:50-4:50

Tuesday (4-5)

  • "WE LOVE ROBIN" Day Lunch!
  • All Pro Dads
  • Staff Meeting
  • 2nd and 3rd Grade PBL Presentation and Music Performance @ 5:15
  • PTO Meeting
  • Parent Pride Store

Wednesday (4-6)

  • Math Team Meetings
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to Zoo @ 9:00-12:00
  • Dr. D at KAC for Leadership Learning

Thursday (4-7)

  • K/1 Ballet

Friday (4-8)

  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration

Coming up...

April 11th and 14th: Growth Plan/Evaluation Meetings with Dr. D

April 14th: Mid-Quarter & Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration

April 15th: Professional Learning at McBride Elementary-STEAM

Gotta know it...

The April fools jokes made Friday fun! Cari cut our brown letter E's, put them in ziplocks with sprinkles and told her kids they would get brownies at the end of the day! Carma's kids are dropping like flies so Crystal had me tell Carma we were transferring one of Crystal's kids to her class.

Our ALL SCHOOL READ started! I hope the kids loved the first chapter. As you encourage kids to read the Hank the Cowdog book at home with their parent and talk about it during the day, more and more kids will read the book. Look for discussion questions on the announcements this week.

The end of the year is a wild ride! Take a deep breath, laugh, pull a prank on a friend, and enjoy the ride. Our kids start to show what they know through the iReady Math Assessment this week. Seeing their growth is always exciting! I thought I'd make some of the "to do's" in one spot so below are links for the ESAIL, Growth Plan/Evaluation conference, our April/May schedule, IGNiTE observations, and the Needs Assessment Survey from Professional Learning. Happy linking!

  • Nicole and I will start Guided Reading Fidelity checks on Monday. We have used your daily schedule reading time to plan our observations. We have all learned so much about teaching reading this semester, I can't wait to see your amazing reading instruction!
  • Click here to complete the ESAIL on your classroom before April 7th.
  • Thanks for completing your Growth Plans. Don't forget to sign-up to meet with me on April 11th or 14th to finalize your Growth Plan and discuss your evaluation.
  • Thank you to EVERYONE for your flexibility in schedules during testing. Rebekah and John have worked hard to create a weekly schedule to keep us on track! Click here for the Google Doc and make sure you click on the tabs at the bottom of the page for each week for the weekly changes in specials. The lunch schedule is on the first page.
  • Our IGNiTE model classrooms are roaring ahead! Each teacher, including specialty teachers, will observe in one of our model classrooms in April and May. Here is a link to the Google Doc to sign-up for the April time. You can find the May sign-up in Google Docs too.
  • 33 days left of school! Let's make sure our breakfast is cleaned-up by 8:50 and instruction is beginning. These 10 minutes each day will amount to 5 1/2 hours of instruction for our kids!
  • You are welcome to use the bathroom in my office unless my door is closed.
  • Remember to take the 2015-2016 Needs Assessment Survey before April 15th.
  • Please be thinking of a theme for next year. Our final staff meeting will be a brainstorm of ideas!
  • Explore! We have 175 Weller kids signed-up for Explore! Rebekah put a class list in your box. Please encourage parents and kids whose name was not highlighted on this list to attend Explore!

Career Day was Awesome!!

Big image

YTD Attendance

Wahl, Haleigh

  • 97.14%
  • 59 Tardies

Tinney, Rebecca

  • 96.88%
  • 42 Tardies

Rich, Susan

  • 96.44%
  • 68 Tardies

Norrell, Carrie

  • 96.05%
  • 40 Tardies

Bernelis, Shayla

  • 95.92%
  • 38 Tardies

Barker, Michelle

  • 95.92%
  • 61 Tardies

Almeida, Joanne

  • 95.42%
  • 49 Tardies

Weinman, Carma

  • 95.41%
  • 67 Tardies

Hughes, Sherry

  • 95.36%
  • 53 Tardies

Squibb, Crystal

  • 95.30%
  • 23 Tardies

Ellis, Peggy

  • 95.18%
  • 29 Tardies

Graves, Ralene

  • 95.13%
  • 37 Tardies

Dake, Michael

  • 95.08%
  • 51 Tardies

Miller, Jamie

  • 95.03%
  • 46 Tardies

Shores, Kendall

  • 94.87%
  • 22 Tardies

Morey, Cari

  • 94.40%
  • 98 Tardies

Sanders, Hanna

  • 94.23%
  • 70 Tardies