Spy Girls

Historical Lady Spys

Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake was a vary honorable women, she was promoted and knighted officer of honor after WW11. The people she would work with in the forces would always complement her and her ability to combat and military duties. She also was the Gestapos most wanted with a price of 5 million on her head. She also was homicidal, once she killed and young women at point blank rage when the men solders couldn't.

She acupied Marselle, France

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman was a Russian spy who was caught and then imprisoned, then Russia and America exchanged captured spies. when she arrived back to her home land she was treated as a heroin and stared in may game shows and modeling gigs.

Noor Inayat Khan

Noor was a vary strong minded spy, she was a thrill seeker. She was running from the gestapos but was sadly caught. She was tortured but never broke sh was so strong she didn't cry nor talk. she was sent to Britain for radio communications.

Virgina Hall

Virgina Had was a Brain, she attended many different collages and schools through out Europe and America. She had alot of courage for interpolating to be a spy, even after losing he leg by shooting herself and accident she still managed to earn a title on the Nazis most wanted list. and after the war she was rewarded for her duties with a Distinguish Service cross the only one given to a female during WW11.

France, Germany, Poland

lona Cohen

Lona was a American spy for the Solvent Union, her husband who was also a spy influenced her to become one. Her main Job was to intercept arms information and nuclear weapons information. For Being a women she had many high power connections, she was later caught and she and her husband were sent to jail for 8 years. Her specialty was training in Radios and Ciphers.