Princess Bride Project

Wesley, By Skyler Burrell

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Traits of the Character.

Wesley shows great amounts of loyalty towards his new found friends, His love Buttercup and Plenty amounts of courage when faced with life threatening obstacles.

Reason being; is when he and Buttercup were separated for 5 long years he continued staying loyal to her until the day he was able to return once more to her again. He also loyally keeps his word on giving Fezzik and Inigo fair fights like the request just like him. Staying loyal also when being allies in the process of storming the castle for Buttercup

Wesley showed courage when he was the unknown masked man(even afterwards he continued showing courage.) He chased after Buttercup bravely who had been kidnapped by Fazzini, Inigo and Fezzik. He fought both Inigo and Fezzik fairly and straightforward He didn’t harm either, He knocked both out so he could progress forward to face Fazzini.

Once faced with Fazzini he seemed to out joust him with brains defeating him fully to escape and go on his way for a short while the princess.

He protected Buttercup with his life throughout their journey through the Fire Swamp, Jumping in after her when she fell into Lightning Sand, Then when being faced with R.O.U.S(Rats Of Unusual Size.) he risked his life keeping her safe from it.

He showed courage storming the castle to reclaim Buttercup from the Prince along side with Fezzik and Inigo.

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