Title I Family Engagement

APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Teams) Follow Up

Hello Everyone,

I'm sending you some handouts from the APTT YOUTUBE video that you might find helpful if there is anyone planning to try any of these strategies this year. We have schools that began last year incorporating key components from the APTT framework to drive their family engagement. They created their own expectations to help grade levels plan meetings. If you aren't quite that far yet check out the agenda. It breaks the video into steps that might be helpful to get things going. Also you will find a phone script, parent letters and description of a parent packet. Check it out and see what you think!
Stanton APTT Workshop

APPT Agenda

Academic Parent Teacher Teams – (School Name)

  1. Introductions – 5 minutes

  2. Goals for Tonight’s Event – 5 minutes – explain the goals of the evening and what is going to happen – write these on your Smart Board or PPT

    1. Share your child’s data with you

    2. Explain where we want your child to be by the end of ____grade

    3. Show you some tips for how to support your child at home with this goal

    4. Discuss any questions you may have

  3. Share Data Folders – 10 minutes

    1. Discuss this is the BIG picture for your child’s data

    2. Assessment for the year

    3. This may be a lot of information, but we just want you to be aware of this data

  4. Classroom Data, Your Child’s Data and Individual Goals – 15 minutes bar graph on Power Point slide with anonymous numbers for each child. Brief Explanation:

    1. Bridge the conversation with a statement about, now you are going to focus in on one area of data)

    2. Pass out individual folders.

    3. Each individual number is a student

    4. Highlight growth that has been made

    5. Where children should be at grade level

    6. Talk about what might be a realistic goal (i.e. how many points would you want the student to grow in the next few months, setting high expectations)

    7. Help parents fill in the goal sheet

    8. Invite parents to help support their child’s learning at home and let them know how critical it is to support learning at home.

    9. Spend a few minutes circulating and answering questions about the data

    10. Let parents know that you will be around for a while after the workshop to answer more individual questions.

  5. Activity to Help Your Child at Home – 20 minutes total

    1. Explain that this is tied to the data

    2. Model one activity – no more than 10 minutes

    3. Pass out materials

    4. Ask parents to practice – 10 minutes

    5. Remind them that this is tied to the goal that we set together

    6. Circulate and answer any questions

  6. Individual Questions & Answers – 5 minutes

    1. Thank the parents for coming

    2. Let parents know that you will stick around for individual questions or anything they’d like to talk about


    4. Post next meeting date

Phone Script

Phone Script for Inviting Parents to Workshops

Good Evening Parents, this is (name of person calling) calling on behalf of (school name). By now, you should have received a letter from your child’s teacher inviting you to a short event tomorrow night, (day & date) at (time) p.m. Your child’s teacher will share with you information about your child’s achievement and show you a few ways you can support your child’s learning during the (school year or summer months). Childcare (and interpretation in Spanish) will be available. Once again, that’s tomorrow, (day & date) at (time) p.m. We hope to see you there!

Thank you and have a good evening.

Spanish Script

Buenas Tardes, me llamo (name of person calling) y estoy llamando de parte de la escuela primaria (school name). Probablemente ya recibió una carta de parte del la maestra de su hijo/a invitándole a un evento mañana, (day & date) a las (time) de la tarde. Las maestras/maestros compartirán con usted información sobre el logro académico de su hijo/a y le mostraran algunas formas en como apoyar el aprendizaje de su hijo/a durante (el año escolar or los meses de verano). Se ofrecerá cuidado de niños gratuitito al igual que servicios de interpretación. Una vez más, es (day & date), a las (time) de la tarde. ¡Esperamos verlos allí!

Muchas gracias y tengan una buena noche.

Contents for Student Folder

Contents for the Individual Parent Packet for APTT Meetings

  • Agenda

  • Individual Student Data

  • Goal Setting Sheet

  • Take home kit instructions (English and Spanish if available)

  • Materials for Take home kit (manipulatives, etc.)

  • Evaluation

The outside of the folder should have the student’s name, but NO numbers. The inside of the folder has the child’s confidential number that corresponds to the graph. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SEND HOME COPIES OF THE CLASS DATA GRAPH WITH PARENTS. THESE GRAPHS ARE TO REMAIN WITH THE TEACHER.