Introduction to QR Codes (Part I)

Cindy Evans, Tech Coach

What will we learn?

If you are curious about what these are or how they can be used to pique student interest, come to this session. Participants will learn how to use QR Codes for quick access to online resources, to organize their content, and develop inquiry based learning activities in a fast and easy way. QR codes can be read from a computer with a web camera or any mobile devices.

Length of Session: One Hour

TEAM Strand: Motivating Students

Digital Citizenship Component - Create QR Codes for internet safety/digital citizenship activities and resources.

Why use QR Codes in Education?

You can even create quizzes!!

This is pretty cool!!

Download one of these apps on your smart phone or mobile device and get started!!

Let's practice what we've learned so far!! Find the QR Codes around the room and scan them!

Fill out my eval by clicking on the link below or scan in the QR code!