Elements of design

Xinlin huang

High mass

Make you feel this room is really crowded, and there's a lot of patterns, fullness. When people come in a high mass room, they will feel this room is really gorgeous and graceful.

Low mass

Clean and sparse, less amount of furniture. Make people feel airy and clear.

Good use of space

Good use of space, make this small room look bigger than it was.

Poor use of space


A big sofa and same kind of small short table, make this room look stable.


Different height chair make this room seems not stable.

Vertical line

Vertical line in windows and cloth of the window. Make the room look more high and make people feel strength.

Horizontal line

Horizontal line in the walls paper , do make people feel rest.

Diagonal line

Diagonal line in the walls paper, point out the main thing in this room— bed.

Curved line

The table feet is a curved line. Because this room is straight line everywhere make people feel too sharp, uncomfortable. So the curve line under the table soft it.

Three different textures

1. Rough and dull

The sofa is really long so make this room looks no that wide

2. Smooth

The frame and the stairs make this room looks higher, and the color was more bright because of the white wall

Color effect by smooth shiny surface

The color of this container is dark blue, but because of the the material of the container is glasses, make it have shiny smooth surface, it look lighter than other dark blue

Color effect by rough dull surface

In this room, many object have rough surface, their color was not that dark, but because of the surface is really rough, so the color of those subject become more dark.