The Hunger Games

By: Suzzanne Collins

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More about Suzanne Collins

Suzzanne Collins has written The Hunger Games and Gregor the Overlander series. In addition she also wrote When Charlie Mcbutton Lost Power. Collins began her career in 1991 writing children's T.V shows but was convinced by a children's author to start writing books instead.She writes books for children that are mostly adventure and fantasy. She currently lives in Connecticut with her family and two adopted kittens.
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Main Characters

Katniss Everdeen: She is the main character, One of the tributes, Strong and brave, she is related to prim, hunts with gale and develops a strong relationship with peeta and her stylist, cinna.

Peeta Mellark: He is the male tribute from district 12 alongside Katniss, he is loyal, brave and loves Katniss even though she doesn't like him back. He is strong as well but no particularly skilled as many of the other tributes are.

Haymitch: Katniss and Peeta's mentor. He is a drunk and seems untrustworthy to me. He however shows change when he helps Katniss alot during the game.

Gale: Only in the beginning of the book mostly, he is Katniss best friend, and his father was killed in the same mining explosion as her father was.

Effie: She seems very annoying and hyper. She wants people to have proper manners and always argues with Haymitch. She doesn't seem very likeable.

There are other minor characters but those are the main ones, If you want me to add more just let me know please.

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Main Conflict

I would say the Main Conflict is Katniss and her district against the Capitol. I realize there is more direct conflict against the other tributes. But all of that is brought on by the capitol, without them this wouldn't take place. I think Katniss begins to realize this and begins to go against them rather than hate the other tributes. In the next book this conflict becomes more prevalent.


Katniss has always loved her little sister but when her name is drawn to fight to the death against 24 other much stronger and older tributes all Katniss can do is volunteer herself. Now she must travel to a new place with almost no time to prepare. Everything is so new and magnificent but if she were not to return she worries for her sisters safety. Now it is her vs. the competition. Will she be able to survive against terrible odds? Find out in the Hunger Games.


"I want the audience to recognize you when you're in the arena, " says Cinna dreamily. "Katniss, the girl who was on fire." I think this part is important because it's where Katniss realizes this is just a game for the capitol and a way for them to hold the other districts and show that they're in charge.
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Who Would Enjoy this Book

I believe anyone aged 10-20 would enjoy this book. I recommend that age group but anyone who enjoys fantasy books directed at younger audience would enjoy it as well. I say twenty because most adults like to read books with more adult content at a higher reading level. I would also say you should be into fantasy books, if you like historical fiction it isn't the book for you because of course it isn't real. If you enjoy books out of this world with tons of action and intense story lines than I also recommend this book to you.

Did I like this book?

Well considering I have read this book 6 times now that may suggest my feeling toward this book. I can honestly just say it's one of the best books I have read in my lifetime. Sure you can say I'm just jumping on the hunger games band wagon. But honestly it's nothing like anything I have ever read elsewhere. It's original and the story line and creativity in my opinion challenges some of the legends. Like harry potter and other classic fantasies. It's out of this world but it still makes you wonder what if our world was like that?

See if you like the Movie!!

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