Technology Rules For Parents

By: Amey Chawla

Rule # 1

Don't text while you drive because it can cause accidents that may result in injuries, or death.
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Rule # 2

Don't talk on the phone while your driving because it can cause injuries or accidents.
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Rule # 3

Parents should ignore spam messages, because it may cause viruses on your computer.

Rule # 4

Parents should not share passwords with any of their close friends, relatives, or co-workers, because that may result in: hacking, sending inappropriate messages to all contacts/including your boss. Also, the same comes for teens.
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Rule # 5

Do not agree to meet strangers you meet online, because they might try to harm you, blackmail you or be dangerous criminals.
Online Child Safety - The Truth Behind the Screen

Rule # 6

Parents should put filters on their child's laptop so they can't access inappropriate websites.
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Rule #7

If you're at a family event or at dinner, put your phone away. Not only are you having a bad influence on your children, but you are also taking away from family time.
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Rule # 8

Don't click on advertisements or pop-ups. They may seem like a quick game of testing your IQ or shooting a target to win a free iPhone, but they're all scams and bad for your computer.
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Rule # 9

Don't download free games for your computer or laptop using torrents because that may seem the best way of getting something for free, but it may cause: prison, or fines

Rule # 10

Parents please note that, who ever does plagiarism can be suspended, expelled, sued, fined or even sentenced to jail for up to 10 years. That's why you shouldn't do plagiarism.
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Rule # 11

Create passwords that are strong, hard for people to hack into your account.

See this site for more information about strong passwords: