Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception

by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl goes to battle with Opal Koboi again and Opal Koboi strikes back.

Artemis has to help the fairy people catch Opal Koboi, a malicious criminal. Opal wants to enslave all mankind. First Opal has a score to settle with Artemis Fowl and his colleagues Captain Holly Short and Commander Julius Root. Opal escapes from prison by placing herself in a coma that she can come out of at any time. After Opal gets out of prison she kills Julius Root and places the blame on Holly Short. After that not everything goes as planned for Opal.

Artemis Fowl

Artemis is a boy genius who wears Armani suits, has very pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes. Artemis Fowl has saved the fairy people on many different occasions.

Opal Koboi

Opal, a very smart but crazy pixie, has been outwitted by Artemis Fowl in a previous book. Now Opal plans to seek revenge on Artemis by disguising herself as a human and turning the humans against the fairy people.

Artemis Fowl versus Opal Koboi

Artemis leads Opal into a trap and Opal thinks that she has beaten Artemis. Then Artemis turns the table on Opal.