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Mr. Aragon's Classes

Ms. Valenzuela's Classes

Artes de lenguaje nivel uno y dos

Hola padres y tutores de estudiantes:

Los estudiantes de artes de lenguaje nivel uno y dos comenzaron la unidad de literatura y la parte de la gramática. Las clases están por el momento trabajando con diptongos, y las monosílabas. La clase de Ms. Chiquito también pudo presentar en la clase de español. Los estudiantes de Ms. Chiquito presentaron datos históricas de The Navajo Long Walk. Fueron presentaciones excelentes. Por último, los estudiantes grabaron mensajes para los nuevos alumnos de la clase del año 2020, donde hablan de la importancia de mantener el idioma español. ¡Excelente trabajo!

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La clase de la profesora Chiquito con sus alumnos

Ms. Méndez' Classes

Spanish I, II and Spanish Language Arts

Ms. Jones' Classes

French 1

Students have been using a French song to remember French vocabulary and grammar. The song "Je ne veux pas travailler" means "I don't want to work." Students have found that associating words with music helps them to remember. Students created small posters by substituting different verbs for the verbs that are used in the chorus of the song.

French 1, 2, 3

Students of all levels made crepes in French class. Everyone contributed by bringing something: strawberries, bananas, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, paper plates, Capri Suns, crepe batter (Ms. Jones), etc. We made them on a hot plate in class and students cut strawberries and bananas in class (after washing hands, of course!). They were delicious, and it was a lot of fun!

Ms. Corley's Classes

Spanish II

Spanish II students have been working diligently in creating and presenting their projects. A few weeks ago, they created commercials and they were awesome!

Now students are creating Puppets for their "Programa de títeres". It is wonderful to see the dedication and excitement in their class projects.

Spanish I

Spanish I students are beginning a new unit and will be needing boxes to construct their home. Students have been practicing their vocabulary and are now able to name in Spanish many household items!

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