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Braids,Twists,Weaves,Takedowns,Touch Ups

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Hello I offer all types braids, twists,weaves touch ups take downs and natural styles to satisfy your hair needs. Below you will find prices,styles,information on what products to use to maintain your hair so that you can make an informed decison on what works for you. I am happy to answer any of your hair questions. Please Only Make An Official Appointment When You Are Dedicated To Keeping It.

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Contact Me By Phone Or Email Feel Free To Email Me A Picture If You Have One You Like .

Touch Ups and Take Downs- Extend Your Style Save Your Hair

If you currently have braids or weave I offer touch ups, retighenting of weave and take downs.

If you have had your braids,twists or weave longer than 4 weeks you should touch up or tighten to reduce breakage that occurs from dirt build up or causing tension on hair

If you have had braids twist or weave longer than 8 weeks you should remove or have removed. I can gently remove your weave in 30 minutes or less and braids in 2 hours or less to reduce damage on hair

Weave Removal -$20
Braid Removal $20 to $40 depending how small braids are

Box Braid Styles -$80 Special This Week Only

Senegelese/Havana/Rope Twists -$80 Special This Week Only

Senegalese 2

Crochet Weave/Crochet Braids $60 to $80 This Week Only

Crochet Weave

Sew Ins -Partial,Versatile,Vixen,Closure- Includes Cut & Style- All Sew Ins $80 This Week Only

Sew In

Virgin 6a and 7a Hair Available -Custom Coloring Available 60 and Up

Kids Styles

Hair Care Products I Use Most