My digital dossier


when I was born

Its a boy!! he very healthy baby. Doctors say he will be out the nursing room in 4 days to a week. Can come to visit him in a week or so.

Peoples posts about me

-he is a very cute little baby.

-very healthy little boy

-soo cute resembles his dad

1st day of kindergarden

he had so much fun but was very scared to let go of us in the start. The teacher said his pronunciation of his alphabets is very good, that is all because of his dad teaching him the alphabets beforehand

5th birthday

He wanted invite some of his friends over to play. So we called 6 of his friends over and they had a fun time together at the end we cut the cake, when it was time to leave the kids wanted to sleep over so they did so as it was the weekend.

Me moving to Canada

today we moved to Canada. It is very sunny and the sun stays up till 9 pm we find that very strange because in India the sun goes down at 7 pm.

his first day of school in Canada

He said it was fun as his peers helped him get around the school and they got him to know them better. He also says that he is really looking forward to his school year