You Can Only Keep One...

...memory, color, and song.

Society of Sameness is Coming to Mooresville

You are being forced to participate in a society of sameness, or you will be released. In this society, however, you can keep one memory, one color, and one song.


Create a mini-presentation about this memory, color, and song.

Be prepared to share with the class.

Tell why you chose this color, memory, and song, and explain what your decision reveals about your values and personal preferences.

The Memory:

*You are going to pick one of your most vivid memories and, in an iMovie, you will transmit this memory to your classmates. Play your chosen song in the background and incorporate your color of choice into the presentation so that it is obviously your chosen color.

*Remember the importance of transmitting EVERY aspect of your memory.

What did you hear?

What did you see?

What did you smell?

What did you taste?

What did you feel?

Consider how the Giver transmitted memories to Jonas?

**Was it all thrown at him at one time or dispersed in small


**Did he talk him through it and tell him what was happening,

or did he let Jonas experience it for himself?