By:whitney sands

What was the change?

The change is eventhough luther was excommunicated overtime he begun to have many followers and because of the 95 theses that was put on the catholic church of the way to change the catholic of its indulgences.

who were associated with the change

How did change impact the society at the time?


The reformation made the pope and catholic leaders very mad that martin luther was excommunicate because of his 95 theses of how the catholic church should change its indulgences. the positive impact is that it open many catholic eyes of how the catholic church was sinning,which got more people involved with luther teaching in the were called Lutherans which they were also known as protestant which are people who are against a pope. A man name John Calvin who like Luther teachings and he ends up creating a book of the christian religion. Because of the massive confusion there was this council of trent that went on over the catholic church to establish a way to run the catholic church.

How is the change of the reformation seen in modern society?

How is the change seen today?

the reformation is seen in today that now from economy wise to family wise which gave people freedom of expression on to be able to believe in what ever you want without having to feel judged. And how today people choose what they can dealing with the catholic church like being able to divorce of such thing may arrise and being able to drink or party the reformation opened eyes to people choosing their way of life.