by: Jordan Rivas

Who are Christians? Who do they follow? Who do they believe in?

Followers of Jesus Christ are called Christians. Their key beliefs are Sabbath, the Holy Trinity and Role of Jesus Christ. Sacraments they have are Baptism and the Holy Communion to give there life and time to God. They worship in Churches where Priests preach the word of God. The holy book is called the Bible. Some holy holidays are Christmas, Jesus´ birthday, and Easter, Jesus' resurrection. The holy city for Christianity is Jerusalem because it is the place of Jesus' crucifixion. Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

Other Religions

All three religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity believe in a common religious leader, Abraham. The God of Abraham is an important Figure in all religions. He was also the creator of Judaism. Also something all religions share is they are all monotheistic, meaning they only believe in one god. For Christianity it is God, for Judaism it is Adonai and for Islam it is Allah.