Teaching With The Brain In Mind

Elvina Rodriguez

Goal #1 Improve Staff Development

My first goal is to improve staff development by communicating with the teachers about their weaknesses in the classroom. I will then relay the most common concerns to the director and suggest that the teachers receive training on that particular concern. Usually staff development is chosen by the administration and not the educators, those that know exactly what they need assistance in. I believe that in order to have a strong school there must be teachers who are constantly being well informed on todays' obstacles in education. There needs to be constant staff development in order to be effective as an educator.

Goal #2 Suggest Staff Development on Curriculum Connections

My second goal is to educate my colleagues through staff development on the subject of children learning at different rates based on brain functioning. Children should not be expected to know the same concepts at the same age and rate. Many of us (educators) constantly push our children and students to understand a concept just because they are a certain age and it is expected of them.

Goal #3 Suggest Staff Development on Assessment Connections

My third goal is to urge the teachers to think about their assessments of their students. I want them to be aware of how they are teaching their lessons in relation to their assessments. Are they assessing information that they used rote memorization to learn and expect their students to be able to apply and fully understand the lesson memorized?