May 9th-15th

Things to Remember

The Little Things...

  • I started to clean off this Mac in hopes that it won't explode (the 15 warning notices seem menacing)
  • Michael was talking about how he thinks Ms. Moore and Coach Chiz should reenact "The Time of My Life" dance scene. I suggest that Ms. Moore does the signature lift.
  • Angela sent me a package that was jam-packed with the brightest of contents to help brighten my day. What a sweetie.
  • Conzo and I had dinner at the Drum and Quill. We talked about the wedding, boy stuff, Jambo plans, dad sad stuff. I also let my "be the bigger person status" slightly quaver...I told her about how Andrea contacted me around time Opa passed, and I told her about her "I know this might sound crazy, but please don't like his stuff on facebook" request. Ahhhhhhhhhh well.
  • The yearbooks came! I let out a exclamatory shriek when Paula called to let me know! They look great! The yearbook kids loved them!
  • I bought all the supplies for, made, and mailed Ollie's Evel Knievel cape in one day. It felt so good to be productive. It made it so much better when Amber posted a pic of him wearing it on Facebook.

School Stuff:

Mini Classes:

We had our last mini-class this week. We broke out the white boards, and my mini teachers formatively assessed their little hearts out. We took our retake tests on Thursday. With the exception of a few outliers, everyone improved, and some quite drastically.

8th Grade Formal:

One of my favorite factoids about Crain's Creek: The parents do EVERYTHING for the 8th grade formal. My role: Show up and Cupid Shuffle my butt off. I took pictures too. There was a chocolate fountain... for some unfathomable reason I didn't dip things in it. One of life's major regrets. The kiddos looked amazing. Cassidy taught me how to do some sort of box step. Laura-lee snapped an epic picture of yours truly as I "jumped, jumped, jumped around." Till-man and quiet little Tereny were the most impressive on the dance floor (while besides me of course). Most of our lovebirds were slightly squeamish during the slow dances. Coach Chiz's daughter was there, and she is just the cutest thing in the world. She became an honorary yearbook member during our yearbook picture. Overall- great dance, no tears, thank goodness for parent volunteers.

In regards to the little posters our yearbook staff created last week, Ms. V wrote this to me:

Great and Sweet and Amazing Jamie,

Yes, you may have known you'd bless staff with today's deliveries of positive messages. But I'd like to tell you what you did for me.

Today was excruciating in ways I cannot share, and I was at the complete end of myself, personally and professionally. Just being real here...

The very last thing I experienced before leaving the building was going to my box and reading the messages from students. I wept. In fact, I had to go to the bathroom to cry it out.

Thank you, precious teacher, for reaching this old woman's heart at just the right time and in just the right way.

You made a huge difference, and I deeply, deeply thank you.

Love the gift of working with you!

Charlene Vermeulen

Wow. Simply wow. I love working with this woman! What a gift!

So Many Ninja Turtles...

On Saturday I ventured out to Fuquay Varina (hehe) to visit with Melanie and Phil and Baby Isaac (he's the chillest baby ever...I think he "cried" once while I was there, and even that was incredibly chill..."I'm mildly upset...if you could attend to me when you get a chance, I would appreciate it." That's what I equate his cry to. They gave me a tour of the new house that they'll be moving into soon, and to say they are doing well, would be quite the understatement. Wholy crap- they're house is a beast; and a beautiful beast of course!

We got decked out in our 90's gear. Melanie had a sweet as Bayside Tigers shirt, and I had a toned down version of my Garth costume. The first place we went to I saw another Garth. Party on! I also saw Jen's Friend, Jessica. The crawl was a mix of: flannel, half shirts, crimped hair, overalls, sunflowers, some impressive costumes: The guy from the Sand Lot, A beanie baby, Blossom, DJ Jazzy Jeff and WIll Smith and Carleton too, and lots of lots ninja turtle t-shirts. I saw an "AHH! Real Monsters" t-shirt; that was sweet.

I was expecting free stuff; I was sorely mistaken. Aside from that and ridiculously long lines, it was a great time. Mel and I reminisced about my big giant Cartman shirt, making movies (who gave birth to Melanie?), our old school loves (Joey B and Jason both made our lists). For dinner we headed over to a Mexican place. We were a little confused on the ordering process- we waited like 25 minutes for our food... I finally asked the guy what was up. He explained that the kitchen was on the other side; they have probably been calling our name for a while now. Sure enough they had. My steak taco was delicious. Mel's BBQ nachos were better.

Paul Brandt - My Heart Has A History (with lyrics)
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It