Nathan McDonald

  • The business is a stock holder. Two benefits of this are you can take stock in this business. The other is if the company ever falls your lose will not be that much.
  • Pepsi is a corporation. Why that is because they sell there product all over the world it is not a local business.
  • Pepsi was founded in 1898 by Donald M Kendall. They started with just making Pepsi then they started making chips in 1938.
  • Four facts 1.They make Fritos
  • 2. They make Doritos
  • 3. They bottle most drinks like Starbucks etc
  • 4. They invested in taco bell
  • i would invest in this company because they have a steady stream of profit. they really have not lost any money in there life time so that might mean that the business might be around for a while.