Howe's Happenings Week 6 2015-2016

German, ELA 9, and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

Term 1 Conferences are Thursday!

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 4-8pm

495 East Scripps Road


Term 1 Conferences take place in the High School Commons in the Auxiliary Gym and the Commons. Please stop by my table, if you are able to attend. If you are unable to attend and would like to arrange a different time to meet, please contact me.

What did we do last week?

Last week in ELA 9, we finished reading our independent books. I'm going to miss the Status of the Class each day, where students reported what they were reading, where they were, and what was happening! I did add a couple (or more) books to my ever-growing "To Read" list, though! This week, we will be evaluating our reading goals and working on a Literary Analysis Essay.

In Reading Acceleration, students created their own personal text maps demonstrating their understanding of the text structures we've been working with in class. They will be presenting these maps to the class during Exam Week. We also finished the text, What are the Branches of Democracy, and began working with a chapter on energy from the high school Physical Science text. This week, we will continue using high school textbooks and begin independent reading.

In German 1, we read, listened to and watched videos about family. Students also completed a family album. Our family test is Tuesday. This week, we will begin a unit on school.

A Note on Assessments

Each German unit lasts about three weeks and culminates with a Unit Test. Students receive a study guide for the test and the exact date of the test one week prior to the tests. Study guides are also available on Moodle at the beginning of the unit.

Each ELA 9 unit also lasts approximately three weeks. Each ELA 9 unit has an assessment listed in the syllabus. Students receive exact due dates at least one week prior.

Reading Acceleration units vary based on the complexity of the text and connections to texts in other courses the students are taking. Assessments in Reading Acceleration are always open book and open note.

In addition to in-class announcements, lesson plans are posted online (see link in contact section), and students can stay informed of major due dates by subscribing to our class Remind texts. To join remind, text your/your child's class code to 81010. The German 1 code is @lohsdt1. The ELA 9 code is @lohsela9.