Week of March 11-15

Week at a Glance-Mar. 11-15


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  • GALA: The Gala was a bigger success than anticipated. We profited over $37,000.00. Thank you for your support during the event. A good time was had by all! A special thanks to Mrs. Lozano, Mrs. Imelda and Mrs. Maggie for all the time spent on making sure everything was handled on our end.

  • END OF MARKING PERIOD, MAR. 22ND. Make sure your grading is up to date and posted on RenWeb. Grades close out on Friday, Mar. 22nd and Report Cards will be emailed at noon on Monday, Mar. 25th.

  • TEACHERS & STAFF: As a friendly reminder, as teachers in a Catholic school we must be cognizant of the role we play in the faith formation of our students. Vocations Day, Lent, Praying of the Rosary, signing of the cross, and Saints, are all important aspects of being Catholic. We need to be mindful of the message we send if these (and others) are not acknowledged. Our expectation from our teachers is that they are practicing Catholics. However, if you are of another denomination you must embrace Catholicism and its teachings as a SAS teacher.

  • IOWA TESTING: Mark you calendar for April 8-12 for testing. Please send out a message to your parents letting them know of the dates.

  • ORGANIZATION: All classrooms, faculty lounges and offices should be keep neat and organized at all times. Some of the school spaces are beginning to look cluttered and messy. The Resource room is not a storage space. If you are storing things in there that belongs to you personally, please do not. The copy room should be kept neat, as well. If you make copies, take them with you and throw away scrapes of paper. Thanks!

  • REFRIDGERATOR:Take any personal items from the refrigerator today. Everything left will be thrown out. We will be defrosting and disinfecting the fridge over Spring Break