TechKNOW Tips: Week of 11/18/13

Technology that YOU should KNOW!

Downloading an app without using an iPad!

Little known fact: you do NOT have to actually have an iPad in your hands to download an app. All you need is a computer loaded with iTunes and you are good to go! Check out this video, demonstrating how to do this:

NOTE: You will have to log into the Lightspeed filter if viewing this at school. For instructions on how to do that, view last week's TechKNOW Tips!

iOS's time.

If you haven't already, go ahead and update your and your students' iPads to iOS 7. Follow these directions:

Be one of the COOL kids!

Here's your chance to get in at the ground level, and use a phrase that is modern enough to make your colleagues envious, and fresh enough to make you look cool to your students. The phrase is "App-smashing." App-smashing, a phrase coined by history teacher, Greg Kulowiec, is the process of using multiple apps on an iPad together to create a finished product. An example would be taking a photo with the built-in camera app, opening it up in Skitch to annotate, and then importing it along with other videos and images into iMovie to create a video sequence. Check out this example of app-smashing at its finest!

Feeling "Appy?"

This week, I focus on three apps that demonstrate unique ways for students to tell a story. These apps are three of my favorites!

Just for FUN!

Check out this Thanksgiving funny. Enjoy your much-deserved break with family and friends.

Chad Belford-ITS

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