Body Image and eating disorder

Meaning of Eating Disorder

Eating disorder:any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits.

Body image

1.My definition of body image is the way you see your body or someone else.

I feel like people shouldn't care if they're happy then they are happy. If they care then they can do something about it.

2. You don't have to judge anyone. Size doesn't matter neither does looks. Just because you don't like the way someone looks doesn't matter.

10 fatcts

1.people with eating disorder most of the time struggle with body image.

2.eating disorder can be genetic or caused by psychological issues.

3.24 million people struggle with eating disorder.

4.50% have depression.

5. 10% receive treatment.

6. 35% seek treatment from a facility that specializes in eating disorder.

7. 91% of women admitted to controlling their weight through dieting

8. 50% agreed that they used unhealthy things to lose weight like smoking.

9. 69% of girls ages 10 to 18 confirm that photographs of models in magazines inspired their desired body.

10. 58% of the studied girls felt social pressure to maintain a certain size.

5 steps to improve body image

1. Don't let people make you think bad thoughts about yourself. 2. If you want your body to look good then work on it. 3. Don't let them influence your opinion. 4. Don't media fool you. 5. Think positive about yourself.