Before and After School Care

Safety / Safety Precautions

When in a before and after care facility , all areas accessible to a child are secure to be hazard free . As a care facility we ensure that all small hazardous items such as sharp scissors , plastic bags , cleaning supplies and such familiar things will be kept away from a child . When around bodies of water such as pools , ponds and fountains will stay inaccessible from children at all time if not with adult supervision ,


Flexible programs as ours will provide according to age and interest many different available activities , we encourage the expression of feelings and good communication to better know a childs interests . As we provide after school care as well , study time will be provided to help children with school assignments , physical activities will also be provided such as outdoor play and balance their indoor and outdoor activities . These will include both individual and group activities .

Nutrition and Food Service

  • We serve all children regular meals and morning and afternoon snacks
  • If breakfast is served a morning snack is not required
  • We ensure a supply of drinking water available to each child and is served at every snack, mealtime and after active play in a safe and sanitary manner
  • We serve drinking water to make sure they are properly hydrated

Employees and caregivers

  • We shave regular background checks to ensure your child's safety
  • Kept record of tuberculosis examination showing staff is free from contagious TB
  • Must go through complete orientation of their due operations

Discipline and Guidance

  • Discipline under our care will never be physically or emotionally damaging to a child. It will also be appropriate to the child age and level of understanding. We ensure in explaining the reason for disciplinary measure
  • Only positive methods of guidance will be used to encourage and increase self esteem, self control and self direction