Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough!

Two local scientists just made a revolutionary discovery!

Bright Futures (literally)

Two local scientists, Kati Schy and Bill Nye, have just discovered a way to use nuclear fusion as an energy source! Nuclear fusion, commonly known to be the energy associated with the Sun, can now be considered a major non-polluting source of energy. "It's going to be the next big thing!" says Schy.

A Whole New World

So when did it happen? In early May of 2016, Schy and Nye were able to capture the Sun's nuclear fusion to convert into sustainable energy. Abundant in supply and extremely powerful, this form of energy actually has no risk (yet known) or explosion! Unlike the solar energy currently used, nuclear fusion can be stored for extremely long periods of time. However, when using nuclear fusion energy, one should be cautious not to overuse or overestimate the amount of energy needed; if this were to occur, one should be sure to contact the local fire department to take precaution, as one may be at risk for a power outage, or massive spark of electricity. Not only can this form of energy decrease pollutants in the atmosphere, but it can have a drastic impact on the economy. It will be cheaper than traditional sources of energy.