By: Maxwell wambach


Hey, are you bored well if you are you should play some soccer.

Lets start with kicking. So if you want pass you should kick with the side of your foot.

If you want to pass you'll need to kick with the very front of your foot.

Chapter2: Offence

Next we should do offence.

Your goal is to get the ball in the goal.

But there will be a goaly that will try to block your ball from getting in the goal.


Now we should do goaly.

Honestly it is my favorite pasition you can use your hands.

All you need to do is to try to block the ball from getting in the goal.


Finally the last pasition, defence.

All you have to do is not let the ball behind you.

Thats realy all you have to do.

Chapter5:What To Do When The Ball Goes Out

It will either be a throw in, a corner kick or a goal kick.

A corner kick is when it goes out in a corner.

A goal kick is when the ball misses the goal.

A trow in is when the ball goes out.