Financial Fraud

How does the scam work?

Scam artists use different types of fraud to try to trick people out of their money. Two common types of fraud are banking scams and investment scams.

Who does the scam target?

This scam targets regular people who are targeted and receive checks that they do not have a reason for getting .

Who will be hurt?

You and the scammer may get hurt. If you cash in the check that you received you may be signing up for a loan or something else that you did not ask for.

What is the economic impact?

Many people are targeted for Financial Fraud. You think that you are getting a nice check, instead you are signing up for something that could ruin your life forever.

What makes it believable?

This is believable because scam artist creates counterfeit checks that look legitimate, with watermarks, routing numbers, and the names of real financial institutions.

Do you think the average person would fall for this scam?

An average person would fall for this scam because many people have fallen for it before and it may not be the last time someone has been targeted.

What does this scam rely on to be successful

This scam relies on E-mail messages that ask you to verify your bank account number or debit card PIN. By clicking on the link or replying to the email with your account number, you are giving a scammer access to your financial accounts.

What emotion does the scam depend on?

The emotion for doing this scam is greed. They want money so bad that they will do whatever it takes