A Walk in My Cheer Shoes

The History of Cheer Shoes

Cheer shoes have been around since 1940. The first pair or cheer shoes were oxford saddle shoes. They were made out of leather, and were usually black and white. By 1960, the cheer shoes evolved to something that looked more like a boot, and were generally white. Both men and women wore them. Some cheerleaders even began to wear shoes that were more tennis like shoes in this time. In 1970, the saddle shoes came back and were a new fashion trend again. By the 1980s and 1990s, shoes like the popular keds brand began to be worn. They were made of a rubbery sole and a type of thick cloth. From 2000 to modern day, the shoes are ankle length and white. They are made of synthetic leather and breathable materials, and the inside is made of a soft cushion to keep the foot comfortable.

A Day in My Cheer Shoes

I wake up early, around 5, to get myself ready for a big competition day. I eat a breakfast that consists of sugary cereal and soda before I get ready. It takes hours to perfect the hair, makeup, and uniform. I slip my white as snow cheer shoes on over my socks before I head out of the hotel room door. When we arrive at the competition, I walk around to find the perfect snack booth. At warm ups, we practice. My stunt groups holds onto my shoes like there's no tomorrow. As soon as we go on the stage, my heart feels like it will beat out of my chest at any given time. I feel my shoes give me heighth as I tumble. They give me comfort while I run, and confidence as I jump. After the routine, I hurry off the stage, my heart pounding more than before. By the time awarding rolls around, I'm very excited and nervous. I wait patiently up until the top three awards, and we still haven't been announced. Finally, the announcer calls our team name. We won first place. I spring to my feet and jump with pride. Forget the glass slippers, I were cheer shoes.

My Passion Connection

I have been doing competitive cheer for over four years. It has become my passion over time. I work in the cheer gym at least twice a week, and there's nothing else I'd rather do than cheer.