World War One



Dear Speaker,

In your poem, you talk of war and death and their positives. You are celebrating their deaths as if it is a good thing that they are dying. Your celebrating of of death makes the audience feel wrong. Though death in war is honorable, your poem makes death and war seem light. It should be treated as horrible as it is. In your time you did not understand the war because it was glorified.

War is sick and disgusting as showed in the poems during the war from people who saw how horrible it actually was. They only show the horrors of war. It is important that the people know what actually happens in war. If war is celebrated, as in other poems, the citizens will take it very lightly. If citizens understand that war is horrible, then war will be taken as seriously as it should be.

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Pepper Lecture World War One Overview

-10 million dead 10 million casualties through the war

-Citizens were attacked

-Poison gas was used

-Countries were leveled

-War was less honorable due to total warfare