Giovanni da Verrazzonano

By Naomi & Ashley

The first expedition of the new world

Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in 1485 in Val di Greve,Italy.He died in 1528 in Lesser Antilles.

Verrazzano loaded his ships with cannons,lifeboats,scientific equipment,and ammunition.Verrazzano was seeking a passage to the pacific ocean and Asia

The last voyage/death

In march 1528 verrazzano left france on the last voyage he would be on, when he was sailing he saw an island south of Jamaica and anchored his ship and went to explore the island with a handful of crewmen and once they steped foot on the island they were ambushed by cannibalistic natives who killed them and ate them all as Girolamo.While the rest of the crew was watching that happen and didn't do anything about it.
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Here is a picture of the route Verrazzano took